Monday, March 22, 2010

Another good weekend

The weekends around here have been pretty stellar this year. It's great to be able to get away from the desk for a few days and spend time on the bikes or hanging with friends. This weekend was no exception!

We got a late start both days, and got home well after dark, but got in two solid rides in Orange County (change of scenery!) and had a blast riding bikes.

Justin had put a deposit on a 2009 closeout frameset for a Tarmac SL2 a few weeks ago, and the final build was all ready to be picked up Saturday morning. So, we stopped by Rock N' Road to pick it up with some other random goodies (yet another Halo for me, because I always forget to bring one, some nutritionals, and some sweet custom Rock N' Road Sock Guy baselayer sleeveless tees). I'd never used this type before, but used it both Saturday and yesterday and was very pleased!

From there we headed over and got a late start riding Aliso Woods over near the coast. We knew it was going to be a day heavy on the hills side of things, and we came up with some pretty good repeats and had a blast on the descents and just riding around chatting with others.

Cruising out to the bottom of Mathis

Sooo green

Top of the World

Love riding my S-Works Epic

From there we cruised over to the top of Meadows where I enjoyed listening to the bugs buzzing and the breeze blowing

I came around the corner to massively tall flora and it sooo reminded me of Crested Butte... sort of!

Awhile later the fog was rolling in...


Cruising back up to Mathis for one final push

Fun descending back to the truck

Sunday it was time to break in the new Tarmac in the family!

I was stoked to get some new white shoes (white grip tape is new as of last night - love the S-wrap Roubaix tape).

After Steph and Dan got in their weekend trail run they met us at Pannikins where we demolished Dan's baked goods and all enjoyed some coffee.

Justin and I took it a bit slower on the way back up the coast (head wind, and we were getting pretty tired). His saddle slipped a few times, so we stopped here and there.

I was running low on energy, and out of fluids as we hit the final push in the rapidly cooling evening air...


Looking forward to some more intervals this week! Always a good time.

Stopped at Pannikins


Stephanie said...

Love living vicariously through all your adventures :)

Luke said...

big brush at aliso means PO every time for me! hope ya came through unscathed. dig the new kicks!

Jeffrey said...

just keep kickin @$$ girl... We need to make coffee when if shows up

allison said...

Steph - you will have a lot I hope to hear about this summer!

Luke - I'm almost 72 hours out - G2G!

Jefe - I haven't even gotten anything other than an email confirmation! I'm starting to shake!