Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend report

Saturday was my last race of the 2008 season. This year racing started on January 12, and it was pretty much racing or training every weekend through to April. Things calmed down a bunch over the summer where there were only 2 races, and then a smattering this fall.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the mental break from racing and just focusing on mostly structured rides, with some fun rides thrown in here and there.

Back to Saturday...

Justin was pretty nervous about his XC race, but I knew his fitness was high and that he would do well. He did. I wasn't as nervous since I (correctly) guessed I wouldn't have any competition. That didn't stop me from hoping I could beat my 3 lap time out there from June. Well, that wasn't to be. I dropped off quite a bit. I hit it hard on lap one and wound up with a pretty good lap time, but my legs wouldn't respond after that. Lap 3 was really long. I could've only done 2 (it was offered at the start), but I wanted to go out and do 3. Boy did I regret that decision on lap 3. Oh well. I need to get used to the distance and mental fatigue.

I just don't think my body was ready to hit it that hard a week after the 12 hour effort.

I wound up taking the Triple Crown series overall for Expert Women (and luckily wound up with one of the few small jerseys).

After the race I hung out for awards, chatted with Luke and Herber, and eventually went to sit with my legs up to read and recover. I didn't much feel like hiking up the hill to spectate practice, especially with the toenails still trying to recover from last weekend. I think I may have spared both from falling off, but they're pretty badly bruised and generally painful (unless I stay away from extended walking/standing).

I started to get pretty hungry, and eventually it was almost dark so the DH crew did their last practice run and we all loaded up to head to Jose's for dinner. The chicken fajita burrito was awesome.

We watched some TV and went to bed around 9:30 or so. Sunday we were up way before the sun, and out of the house before 7.

The crew got suited up and in line for the first shuttle, and I took my time getting prepped for my solo road ride.

For one, I don't usually ride solo. I don't usually like riding in areas I'm not familiar with. And, the entire drive up to Southridge was smoke-filled. So, I wasn't really sure if the ride was going to happen at all. My other option was a 2 hour ride on the trainer during SNF. I chose to get suited up and at least attempt the ride.

I was sorta nervous taking off, but I followed my directions and headed toward SART/Jurupa bike path. The ride there was okay.

Visibility on the horizon was crappy, but I kept my head down and just tried to stay in the zone. Traffic was really light since it was only about 8:30-9. I eventually got to the bike path, after struggling way too much with my HR strap (212 HR or not working at all). The path heading west was beautifully paved.

I hopped on it and headed out, passing a few other cyclists out on the path as well. Unfortunately the pavement ended about a mile later. So, I turned around and headed back the other way. I wasn't sure how far it went East, but I figured I'd follow it for awhile and then head back to Southridge.

The river.

Cool old bridge I passed under.
Using my new jersey
I was getting really hungry after that. I was going to stop near a park, but decided to just turn around and head back. Good thing I did (though I could've used the food also), but I didn't have much gas left in the tank for the return trip in the head wind down Van Buren. I was uncomfortable on the saddle, my legs hurt, and traffic was much, much worse.. it was a busy 55 MPH road, and the shoulder was crowded with debris.
I got back just as some of the Pro's were finishing up their race runs, and I managed to change into clean/dry clothes and head up to spectate Justin's (now earlier) race run.
The crew hanging out.
Justin's race run (after the crash)
This one is for James:
Justin hiked back up to cheer, but the feet were not feeling another trip up to the lower rock garden, so I hung out at the truck with Friel.
Nearly fell asleep, but chatted a little with Carla, Craig, and then had to cut some tape for Steve.
Mostly everyone was heading down after their race runs, and we headed over for the raffle. I wanted to be home in time for SNF and Justin was ready to head out as well, so we left before awards.
Today I'm still feeling pretty sore/tired overall. Our mattress is crap, so sleep is difficult. I keep tossing and turning to get comfortable. Wound up awake at 5 am with nothing to do. I did go to bed pretty early last night (like 9).
Happy that today is all R&R. Gonna run some errands and find out how to cook a turkey tonight. Good times.
This week upcoming? Race season in review.


Luke said...

good stuff!..and nice jersey!

one more week of prep...regeneration...then it begins!

Pedal Circles said...

It is a pretty sweet jersey! And it fits ;)

I'm really looking forward to the next two easy weeks, but I know I'll be gungho after a week of regen!

beth said...

congats! and way to keep the feet up!