Monday, November 10, 2008

Wine, roads, and cake

That was pretty much what made up my weekend. Punctuated, of course, by over-eating. My road ride on Sunday was cut short in part due to the blowing dust and sand in the desert, but also because I felt like crap. Yes, too much wine will do that a person.

I started practicing Thursday night after Luke brought out some family wine. It was awesome.

I somehow managed to convince myself it was okay to take Friday off.

Saturday we were set for a road ride,

some quad race spectating,

a drive, and a home cooked meal. First up on the menu was chips & salsa from Acapulco. Yum. Filet, lobster (freshly caught on Tuesday - yech), and bbq'd veggies topped off dinner. Next up was more wine and the guest of honor - cake!

The alarm clock in the guest bedroom was flashing when I got in, so I set it to the correct time. I didn't look at it again until around 3:50 that morning. I laid awake feeling not so good. Finally fell back asleep.

The next time I looked at the clock it was 8:54. Too late for a road ride! How did that happen?

I didn't think there was any way Justin would've slept that late and missed out on a ride. Despite feeling somewhat naseous, I got up and decided to check if that was the real time. It was pretty quiet, afterall.

The two clocks in the kitchen said 6:31 and 7:31.

Seriously, what time is it?!

I found my watch, and it confirmed it was only 6:30. I made myself get ready and we headed out on the road. It was extremely windy. I had laid in bed listening to the trees blow and the blinds bang against the window sill for probably 20 minutes, and dreaded the ride on the flats that was into the wind.

Naturally, as we turned on to the main drag the wind buffeted against us. My HR was climbing, but I wasn't going anywhere. I alternated between spinning in the small gear and mashing in the bigger gear. Eventually I felt a bit more settled.

We got about 40 minutes out and I wasn't feeling good. A coffee break sounded like a bad idea. Cut the ride short. Not surprisingly, the ride back was amazingly fast. Felt great to be moving so fast and not working very hard.

Traffic was really light. There were a few other cyclists, including one mountain biker headed somewhere, but mostly the streets were quiet.

That just doesn't do it justice.

The smell of bacon was in the air once we got back. Fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon, and more cake. We managed to eat a ton more chips, guacamole, bean dip, and left over veggies. I had my 2nd (of the weekend, not the day) piece of cake around 2, and didn't eat again until this morning. No joke. Massive stomache. Way too much food!

Today I've cut way back on calories (especially since it's another day "off" - I'm switching my Friday errand schedule to Monday this week in preparation for training starting next week). We've got half a cake left, but I'm saving 2 pieces for next Sunday (one for me, and one for Justin), and the remainder we'll probably share this week. I'm not planning on getting dessert tomorrow night out or Thursday at lunch. If they want to sing and bring free dessert that's fine, but I'm not eating it!

Restaurant desserts don't hold a candle to homemade cake anyway!

My glasses came in over the weekend, which left me overjoyed. At least a week earlier from what I was quoted. I was stoked to pick them up today at lunch. It is weird wearing glasses again. It is amazing how much more clear things are in the world when you can see everything perfectly. I can't wear them for the computer screen or probably books. I wind up feeling cross-eyed and my head feels weird.

But, for walking around I can see things a lot better. Will they help at night? Only time will tell. I will check them out while on the way home tonight. Not riding a bike, but it'll give me an idea.

Now all I need is the new light and I'm set.

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Luke said...

OMG...that cake looks fantastic!!