Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photos from the weekend

Well I wound up finding the pictures from Saturday.

Predicting the Tour of California? Nah, I have no idea who is going to win today. The sprinters' teams wound up pulling in the break yesterday, will they do the same today? There are some hills later in the stage it looks like, with a downhill finish. I think if the break is still out on the rolling climbs they may have a chance. If so, I'll have to root for one of the US Conti team's, or the new Fly V Australia team since they're new?

Crowds in Visalia were ridiculous this morning. Tons of cheering it sounded like. The So Cal stage is going to be off the hook.


OilcanRacer said...

hey i like the way your pics come out on your blog. they are very representative of a ride and not posed or staged.

but where do you carry your camara?

i've tried it in a holster on the stem and in a small pack hanging on the straps of my camelback. just seem i can't get it out without stopping or falling.

Pedal Circles said...

Right jersey pocket ;) I'm right-handed, so it's easiest to get it out from there. If I'm mountain biking with a pack I have a cell phone case from CaseLogic that I snap it onto a shoulder strap.

But, the more I ride without a pack, the more I like riding...without a pack! I despise having to wear a Camelbak now :)

Zippy said...

You're sore? I'm running my ass off over here! :P

Pedal Circles said...

I can't help that you have a mental imbalance!! :D

Let me know about Sunday. We may be doing offroad in Esco also.

Ryan Weeger said...

No clue on the weight of that monorail. Taking it on the maiden voyage tommorow though down in SD w/James. I like the photos, are you going to watch the ToC this weekend somewhere, or just on tv?

Jason said...

That is a hell of a post!! I sit humbled at my computer! HA! Seriously, great ToC pics, ride pics, and write up. You've become a blogging machine!

I'm also VERY jealous of the amount of miles you all are getting in. It's STILL snowing here. Frig!

Pedal Circles said...

Jason - I don't think I could deal!! I wasn't "outdoorsy" until recently, but I'm just not sure I could live with snow all winter!

You'll get out there soon enough. You're building mental toughness on the trainer! ;)

Jason said...

every year i get a LITTLE closer to pulling up stakes and moving west, south, or south west. i've had it with the slop and cold.