Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weights and measures

Justin's been having a bit more down time than normal lately (we find out for sure what is going on tomorrow, I hope - MRI was yesterday), so he spent some time last night working on my rocketship, er, race bike.

He also had picked up my new Truvativ Noir WC bar. It is freaking SWEET. I can't WAIT to try it out this weekend! Mike had essentially said at my bike fit that my bars were way too wide (stock Specialized carbon lo-rise). That meant that my Salsa Carbon Pro-Moto's were WAY too wide. Justin had cut those down a tad before the Coup assault, and I liked the more narrow bars; they just felt a bit better. But, I also felt like they could go a bit more narrow. From what Mike had said, the Noir bars were basically the perfect width for me without needing to be cut down at all.

I think we shaved about 40g in the bar switch, and I also am probably sitting with about another inch or so of saddle to bar drop.

Dropped a good bit of rolling resistance weight from a tire change as well. Stock tires were the Fast Trak LK's at 502/528g

The Specialized Fast Trak SLK shaves a little weight for the front tire

The big weight-saver? The Maxxis MaxxLite 310 (lighter than advertised!)

I also stopped being lazy and applied the Scrub stickers to the bike. While those pics didn't come out, this one did:

Justin also took off the stock Specialized grips and added his old set of Ergon GP-1's. Those will be sooo much nicer. Can't wait to go GREEN!

Lastly, hope to check out some new Nema gloves this weekend at Southridge! Could very well be my first race of the year. Should be really interesting considering I haven't been anaerobic since mid-November. Hello pain, suffering and begging for death! Sunday will be similar, only "fun", and twice as long! Looking forward to the switch for sure. I'm ready to be out of regen this week and start to up the intensity! Next week is going to be FUN, but not in a really fun way! :)


Zippy said...

Weight-weenie! :P

Jman said...

Look at you all weighing tires! ;-)

Are you feeling better than your monday post? I was hoping to do the ride around DVL (it's fairly flat and 22 miles...a nice test for me on just how quickly I'm riding.) but a stupid flu has just decimated me and the family!

Slater Fletcher said...

You posted the SCALE!! :-o

Nice setup and I am sure you are going to kill it this weekend!

Luke said...

haha...that's for sure!! but when you pick up her mountain bike and it feels like your road bike you go whoa!

Pedal Circles said...

We've had that scale since our r/c racing days ;) It comes in handy to weigh almonds and bike parts!

Luke - it's heavier than Justin's road bike. I did the "lift and discern" weight test with them last night :D

Vu said...

You're not the only one Allison that got their free sponsor stuff. Some Sram goodies came in yesterday for me. Details are in my blog.
Those Noir bars look super nice, the finish on those things are awesome.

Pictures with scales in them?! Weight weenie status

lol, the verification word was "peepi"

Pedal Circles said...

Vu - we've paid for everything that is on my bike. No such thing as a free lunch for me :) The latest additions all came direct from the bike shop and sponsored by Mastercard!

Wait, I lied. The stickers were free.

Justin said...

Hahaha!!! I will take free parts any day, but that is not the way it works for us. We have paid for every part currently on that bike. No freebies.

We appreciate every discount that we get from sponsors very much as every little bit helps, but the bike pictured was paid for with hard earned cash.

Vu said...

On the bright side, at least you got your bike first, I have to wait till middle March to middle of April for my bike come to in.

Of course somethings I have to pay for like my garmin 705.
What program do you use to upload the data to the computer?

Are you getting a new bike to ride this season or are you going to stick with your Niner?

Justin said...

not really planning on a new bike. what funds were not already spent for Allison's bike are allocated for races and travel. if my shoulder heals up soon, i might be able to salvage my fitness and do okay at a race or two, if not riding the Niner will be the least of my worries... :/

allison uses Garmin Training Center to upload and save her data. i also have an excel spreadsheet that i put together using the exported data for analysis.

Jason said...

Oh yeah! I got me those same bars coming from SRAM! If your stuff is coming in, that means mine should be in soon too. SWEET!

Pedal Circles said...

Jason - they're from the bike shop, not SRAM. Er, well SRAM sold them at some point and they wound up at the bike shop :)