Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 Weeks Later

Well, as of yesterday at noon it'd been 3 weeks since Justin's accident.  It had been awhile without much news or change, but we saw both the spine and ortho/knee doctor this past week.  Justin said the spine guy stopped counting fractures in his neck at 5 or 6 and he's in the brace for at least another 2 weeks, and slowly weening himself off after that.

His knee wound is healing up okay, and he was able to take his first shower in 3 weeks last night!  He's in the leg brace full time still as well, but he's able to do a few passive knee bends to help get some mobility back.  Nothing active, and no weight bearing.  Good news, but everything is basically status quo.

I got out a few times last week to get in some time on the bike.  Rode in the rain two days.  Making myself tough out there, I guess.

It drizzled on me most of the ride, but the sun did come out during my warm down.  Good thing too because my feet were starting to get chilly in the late evening!

Got the bike all "ride ready" for today with some help from Justin!

I got a pretty late start today after hitting up Rock N' Road Anaheim Hills to check out their tent sale and drool (and pick up some necessities) and after sitting in some traffic and getting prepped to ride it was after 3 before I got on the bike!

Pretty good ride, but got kind of sad and lonely riding solo.

Looking out over the park as I climbed up to the big hill in the pic above

Enjoying the day

Up at "top o the world" (Stanley Peak) looking out toward Palomar?  Lots of snow dusting up there!  Might head out tomorrow?  Maybe flat... I do love that climb, though.


Was pretty quiet out there today.

As I was getting dressed post-ride a Monster/Specialized van pulled into the lot.  No idea who it was!

Looking forward to another sunny day, and hopefully making time to first clean my bike, and third run some errands!  Who's up for fro-yo?  Just kidding...

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Luke said...

thank GOD he finally shaved!! ;)
dig the braapp shirt!

3 more weeks, then another 3 more weeks and hopefully he'll be well on the road to recovery by then!