Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting back, but not on the wagon just yet...

Saturday I was 29 and single.

But, not solo

Zippy came out to ride with me a bit.  Sadly my foot was acting up about an hour or so in, so I turned around early and took it slow on the way back down.  It was a good ride, though.  I only felt like puking, but never did.  

This guy wouldn't get off the trail.  I was worried about a back of the leg strike as I hurried by.  

Anyone lose something today?

Justin is making progress...he beat "Need for Speed Carbon".

Not sure what tomorrow holds... two appointments with specialists in San Diego.  Hopefully everything is shaping up okay and he's on the right path forward.

In addition to Stephanie making us a big care package of paleo-friendly food for the weekend, she also went out and won her first off-road tri!!  Animal!  WTG to go, Steph!  Makin' us proud.

1 comment:

Vu said...

Nothing like a single speed ride to soothe the soul.

Justin should go out and rent DiRT 2. Nothing like some rally racing to cope with the lack of riding on the dirt.