Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bad Luck Racing, Part Deux

Or, Show me the money (again).

The local races with equal payout is sweet.  I actually felt bad getting money since there was no one (else) in my class.

With the impending rain and the state series finale next weekend I expected a bit low of a turnout, but not non-existant.  There were hardly any Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert racers.  Sport/Beginner/SS easily was twice what the higher classes turnout was.

SO wound up breaking the chain about a mile in; first DNF.  Not good.  Additionally, smashed knee = not happy.

I wound up losing all of my small chain ring bolts on lap one, so after stopping about 3/4 lap in realized I had no small ring, but the middle and big ring worked.  So, I rode the remainder of lap 1 and the last 3 laps in my middle ring.  That'd be fine if I was strong enough to do a race like this (700ft of climbing in 3.9mi) in only the middle ring.  I was going to allow myself to walk the steepest hills on lap 3/4, but I never did.  I wound up riding the entire course all four laps.  Shocking.

My time wasn't stellar (the mechanical break sure didn't help), and my legs were thrashed at the end.  Felt much worse than the sub-20 miles it wound up being.

Oh yeah, it also rained!

Oh ya, I lined up with Tinker Juarez.  He made me feel like I was standing still when he lapped me.  I can't remember if it was lap 3 or 4.  I held him off as he completed his final 2 laps, though (/sarcasm).  Very impressive to see him out there, and cool that he supported a small local event.  He's even got 24 Hours of Moab in a week!  :eek:

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