Friday, October 31, 2008

I used to be blind

Well, I used to be legally blind, that is. I had Lasik in 2001 after practically begging for it for 2-3 years prior. I wore contacts for a few years, and then once my eyes got too dried and irritated I had to wear glasses 24/7. Except when I was sleeping. But, then I could barely see the alarm clock.

I neglected to ever ask what my vision was. For some reason I did finally ask, the week or so before I had the surgery. 20/400. Just for reference - legally blind is 20/200. I was two lines below legally blind.

For further reference, I never really noticed, but they took my glasses that morning and I couldn't tell the big "E" was an E. That's no joke. I *knew* it was an "E", but I couldn't *see* that it was an E.

My recent night vision issues had me worried about worsening vision yet again. I know my eyes aren't perfect anymore. Far from it, but I wasn't sure how bad.

Apparently they aren't that bad right now. And the doctor that did the surgery did such a good job you can barely see the scar on the cornea.

Good to hear, but it doesn't solve my issues with seeing paper flat 1D ground when I ride at night.

The bad news is that I probably won't have glasses in time for the race. I held out on going to an appointment where I'd have to pay full price and then wound up basically wasting 5 days of time that I could've been getting a prescription in.

Wound up picking out a pair at Costco with the prescription from an eye doc. Had I signed up for eye insurance last year it would've been a moot point, but I didn't.

So, basically I'm over stressing out about it. Did that enough today.

I even did yoga tonight. Now I'm voting and hope that my ballot will get in in time.

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