Friday, October 10, 2008

Pain is weakness leaving the body

"You know what happens to scar tissue. It's the strongest part of your skin."

Sooo… I fell and went boom. Basically that means I have a lot of weakness leaving me at the moment, and also I guess I will have a lot of strong skin on my elbow. Funny thing, though… I've skinned my elbows probably 5-6 times since I've been mountain biking, and no matter how much scar tissue I have, I still manage to get "road" rash. So, maybe it isn't that strong after all.

Full damage report: bruise on my forehead (the bump went away last night); smashed something or other in my right knee causing pain/discomfort, but only with weight on my leg; really swollen upper knee cap on my left knee and minor abrasion; swollen and bruised right hip; skinned elbow.

The elbow is just at that burning and pulsating stage. I'm keeping it covered with Rx goop and Telfa (oh yeah, second best stuff evar). What is better than Telfa? J&J Advanced Healing. The only complaint I have with that stuff? It isn't big enough half the time. The bandage won't fit on the open wound on my elbow without exposing part of it, and if the bandage doesn't cover the entirety of it, it seeps open and is bad news. So, Telfa it is.

I was somewhat worried the Telfa would stick to the skin (despite the fact that it isn't supposed to stick to your skin). It did, but only on an outer section of the wound that probably didn' thave Rx goop on it. So, it wasn't too bad. Switching out the bandage this morning was pretty painful, but it's calmed down.

I took some Aleve this morning (which normally "aleve-iates" all pain), but it didn't make a dent in my knees. After lunch I'll probably try some Vitamin I in the hopes of curbing the swelling since I don't have any ice here at work.

I'm not worried about my hip, my elbow, or my head. My right knee I think could pedal all day. My left knee? It's gonna hurt for a bit.

Soo, looks like I'm missing out on my epic this weekend. It'll be 4 weekends in a row with 6.5 hours of ride time.

I'm joyously looking forward to a weekend on the couch. NOT.

BTW - thanks for the words of encouragement. How did you know I was really worried about that?

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