Saturday, December 27, 2008

Somewhat Weekend Update

I woke up to great news this morning: A chance to ride and race for Ergon USA for 2009! Stoked. I've been digging their grips/barend combo for awhile now. Padded gloves help hand pain a little, but when I'm doing long days in the saddle I really like the multiple hand positions offered by the Ergon grips. Very excited about continuing to sport (and support) them and also to rockin' the GREEN.

We went out for a pretty good ride today on the mountain bikes. 3 hours of solid endurance training (with some added higher intensity climbing). Wound up with around 4k climbing in 25 miles. Trails were pretty full, but conditions were good. Some standing water from all the rain, but pretty dry otherwise. No real photos to speak of today.

Got home and checked my email and I wound up with an email from SRAM Grassroots as well! Stoked. I love SRAM! Great forks, brakes, drivetrain. Looking forward to continuing to ride and race on Juicy brakes with SRAM shifting bits next year as well. In addition to the off-road stuff, I'm a big fan of SRAM's road gruppo as well. When I got my road bike in 07 I tried a bike with like 105/Ultegra stuff on there and never really "got" the shifting. Hopped on a bike that was fairly out of my price range, but just fell in love with the Rival. Have yet to try Force or Red, but I'm guessing they are killer as well.

Should be a good year!

Now let's put this thing in reverse...

Christmas dinner

The oven

The wine

Got out on Friday to enjoy my new jersey!

Was really nice to get out and enjoy a day without rain! I'd spent Mon-Wed on the trainer, and with the rain Thursday, it was great to get out and enjoy some fresh air and clear skies. The smog layer is always dampened by the rain, so it was really clear out.

Until next time...

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Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! I'm totally stoked for you. Team Ergon- WOW!! Total Rockstar team. Sahweet!