Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday's Stuff and Getting Fluid

Sunday we planned to hook up with the DenMother for a short ride before the SRC Member Awards. Since it was close we went out to Sycamore Canyon by UCR. I'd never been there before. It's somewhat urban (you can always hear the roads/freeway), but otherwise fun. A decent mix of fire road/double track and singletrack.

It was effen cold when we started. I saw a hill on the pavement to get out there and I freaking hit it to warm up. Waited at the top for the group. HR was lower recovering than it had been upon waking up.

We hit the dirt and I tried to keep a good HR on the climbs. I did some waiting here and there. It was ok, just really cold ;)

We got to a section with a techy(ish) rock bit. I actually wasn't even nervous when I looked at it, but rolling to it I found that there was no momentum to gain anywhere, and I was nearly stopped when I started to roll down. The rocks sticking up here and there were spaced out just enough to stop your tires from rolling...

Made it!

We finished up the ride, got changed, and headed over to the country club for the SRC awards. We were there pretty early, so hung out, snacked, and chatted with others. People slowly filed in and they began the XC awards, some raffles, the Super D, 4x, DH awards, and eventually the rest of the raffle.

Anyone get a better shot?

Justin won a nice set of brakes (needs rotors):

Not gonna be an Expert Women 34 & Under group next year!

Is he switching teams?

Got home Sunday night and I was in a mad rush to get stuff done since I knew I'd be putting in ridiculous hours at work this week (10+ hours yesterday). Then I got an email saying my new trainer was in at REI! So, naturally at 6pm we drove up to RC to pick it up.

I wound up still getting up before 5 am this morning to do my "secret training". Tonight? Dinner, some relaxation, and hopefully bed around 9!

The new trainer is pretty cool IMO. I missed having "18 miles" in the morning... today I only managed to do 12 with this new fluid trainer! An hour is an hour, though.

Photos tonight.

For now? Back to the grindstone.

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