Thursday, January 15, 2009

Regen, or the art of indoor training...

Despite the fact that it's been in the high 70s here all week I'm still training inside. Lack of time is mostly the culprit, but I typically have been doing half of my training indoor anyway.

It's not very exciting, but it's allowing me to keep up on my reading (Carmichael's nutrition book, which despite the fact that it's from like '02 or '03 still talks about Jared and Chipotle, so doesn't seem as outdated as maybe it could) and accomplish the goal of 4.5 hours (or, 75% of 4.5 hours) of regen this week.

Needless to say, I'm kind of chomping at the bit to get out tomorrow for a flat ride, or at the very least I'm excited about my upcoming Saturday ride. I have no idea on the route other than we're riding in the desert and I'll be following whoever is in front of me. It might be 3.5 hours or it might be 5.5. It'll likely be 5.5 hours of total time, but not sure it'll take that much for ride time. I don't often relenquish control of the ride plans, but this one is out of my hands.

I'm just excited about getting outside and that I don't have to wear a Camelbak to carry extra clothing for the descent out of Joshua Tree.

Other than that, I'm trying to get plenty of sleep (didn't work for me last night).

I've been trying to limit a few things:
  • Alcohol intake (I'm cutting back for 5 ~ days to see if it has any affect on my sleep or training - so far it just means I can't fall asleep the past 2 nights)
  • TV & internet (I have to get my "chores" done before I can turn on my computer or sit down in front of my DVR'd shows) - so far that just means I have about 40% of my DVR full and it'll be up to about 70% by Sunday afternoon.

I still haven't made time for yoga/stretching. Hmm. Maybe next month.

We'll see how long my limits last.

Happy Thursday. I can't believe I am still in this week.


Jason said...

I too have been cutting back on alcohol. 15 days without a beer. I think it REALLY has helped with weight control.

I tried cutting back on my internet time, but it seams I just stay up later now.

A ride in the desert sounds incredible! It's going to be 9 degrees here tomorrow. Shit.

Have fun.


Pedal Circles said...

I'm pretty solid on weight right now (lightest I've been since prob high school and I still eat 2k + a day). Couldn't hurt to lose a few more I guess assuming I can still climb. But, it is healthier! :)

Yeah, the internet/lazy time has been hard to give up...