Monday, January 26, 2009

Want to lighten up? SCRUB some

I got in my order of Scrub Components brake rotors tonight.

They are sweet!

We had no idea how light they were, but after putting them on the gram scale it's clear they provide a massive weight savings!

Scrub Rotors:

Avid Rotors:

So, I've now shaved an additional 94g from the bike!

Every little bit helps. We weighed the bike with Candy 4Ti's and it was set at 21.8lbs. By saving an additional 31g with my new set of Eggbeater 4Ti's I'm up to having lost 1/4lbs from the bike. Should be around 21.5lbs now.

Trying to save where I can cause when I get the Ergon's in it'll probably add some weight. However, that's totally fine by me, cause the stock grips are NOT comfortable. 1:20 of ride time this past Sunday and my hands were already sore and begging for some Ergon love!

Justin has just informed me I'll be dropping another 60-80g with a non-setback seatpost and flat bar.

I have no idea if the Sram X.0 stuff will wind up saving me weight, but I doubt I'll gain any there.

We'll see if I can get 'er down to 21!!

SLK here I come!


Luke said...

impressive...the gnar factor on those rotors make em look pretty rad! may have to look into those!

Pedal Circles said...

Reminds me of like a chainsaw cutting or like a shark!

rar! haha.

Vu said...

Those are freaking sweet Alison. Practically half the weight. Wish I could put a set those rotors on my bike, but I got team obligations from Fisher.
What kind of bars are you going to get?

Pedal Circles said...

Vu - You'll have to wait til that post comes along! :) Or you can probably deduce by checking out the list/link to the right of the blog posts! Only of those companies sells bars and they look sweet!

Vu said...

Thanks for the hint. Hmmm... I'm not s big proponent for narrow bars, anything less than 650mm. I guess that's more of personal preference.
Here are some more weight saving tips so you can achieve that magic number.

-Convert to a 2x9 set up by using a road front der.i.e. Sram Force, Chainrings, 26,38
-Sram X.O grip shifters are lighter than triggers
-Ti bolts, ti quick releases
-ZTR Race Wheelset, 1210g

The last one on the list will definitely burn a hole in the wallet, but man are those wheels light.

Pedal Circles said...

Vu - I'll likely wind up with a gripshift on the front, but not the rear (too much of a hassle when you're racing IMO). I've got light hardware on there already.

Will likely keep the crankset I've got, cause it's still lighter than XTR.

Probably won't build up that wheelset, but it would be nice. My current 29er wheelset is the 355's, aerolite spokes, and 240 hubs. Would be way pricey to build up the ZTR's with aerolites and 190s. Not sure it's worth $1k++ to lose like 150g. We'll see!

FWIW, I've got narrow shoulders and bar width should be dictated by that. Bike fit Mike told me part of my back pain was due to my arms being spread out so much on my Salsa bars. They still need to be cut down a tad IMO. The new bars should be spot on.

Vu said...

I thought of running a set of debadged Stans wheels myself, but I figure I could save that money toward racing expenses.

As for the cranks, you do not have to change the cranksets to run a double setup. Especially with your specialized cranks The cool thing about them is that you can covert the spider on them from either a triple to a double which would give you a better chainline. So that option is still available if you are interested in that route.

Justin said...

Thanks Vu!

The double setup might be a decent option for some courses. I haven't looked into getting the spider and rings yet, I am not sure if they are available but would most likely shave 30 grams or so.

I don't think the road FD will work due to the special mounting scenario on the new Epic. I actually have been contemplating ordering a second FD and doing some milling on the bracketry. :)

I already have Al and Ti hardware on the bike, there are a few items that I am still waiting for, but they will only cut a few grams.

We kicked around the idea of me building a set of Stans rims laced to 28 hole 190s, but like you decided to use the money on traveling and entry fees.

The only place that we will be able to cut off large chunks of weight now will be tires. The FastTrack LK's are 2Bliss and not the lightest. She can get away with much lighter tires.

Jman said...

Only kind off topic but the first thing I thought of when I saw those rotors was..."Wow that would make a gnarly tattoo!" lol

Are you going from a riser to a flat bar? If so I'm looking forward to hearing how you like it.

Vu said...

Do'h, I totally forgot that the production Epics would be using the direct mount systems. I know Sauser's bike used a braze tab, I guess that only pro hook up. It be interesting if you could somehow get a standard road derailleur to work.

I used a 2x9 setup all last year in southern california and I didn't really have any big issues. As for gearing I ran a 38/26 x 11-34.
If you are looking for light tires, I hear that schwalbe makes some light tires, however $$$$.

Justin said...


Yeah that mounting is different. Her FD mounts to the swingarm right at the main pivot.

A bracket could probably be made to fit a road FD, but the weight savings wouldn't be that much with the added bracket I don't think.

I hope to get a double setup for her to try, I think it would be good for at least a couple of race venues. Although she doesn't make the power most males do.