Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take 2

Well, Justin woke up and again didn't want to risk a big ride on the bike with his semi-cold. So, he decided to play sag/support car for me on my big ride.

I got suited up a bit later than planned, but it was warm enough to not warrant arm or leg warmers. I had no idea how the long the ride would take, but a hilly 56 I figured would take about 4.5 hours + the time stopped. Uh, I was quite off on time. I was a bit worried about missing the start of the Charger game (ahahahaha!). Needless to say, headed out and Justin was going to be about 15 minutes behind me.

It's Sunday, so the streets were pretty quiet.

Justin caught up and drove just in front of me for awhile on the rural roads.

I stopped at the Tenaja Falls, I think, trailhead. I was planning to refill my near-empty waterbottle, but the pump was broken and locked. Sucks. I hadn't planned on not being able to get water, so didn't have Justin carry much for me.

I probably should've taken up the offer to use my iPod on the forest service road, but I didn't. It was quiet, lonely, and windy. Justin drove just in front for a bit.

Then he stopped to check out a trail going into the wilderness, and I continued on my way alone for a long time. Miles ticked by. After a long time 4 mountain bikers rode by on the road, and not long after Justin pulled up behind me.

I actually didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. To keep it endurance paced I was moving pretty slowly, and it was either baking hot or I had a decent headwind.

I started up on my way toward Elsinore Peak and opened up the brake calipers for less drag. Could've been my imagination, but it sure felt like I was moving faster. Wound up seeing a Ranger truck, and not long after 6 other cars going the other way.

The long road behind

Coming up on the towers. Already? I've only gotten this far one other time, in spring or summer of 07, not long after we got road bikes. It seemed like it took forever to get up there then. Course, we had to turn around and climb back out after the climb to Elsinore Peak.

Justin had a half a banana waiting for me at the top all race hand-off style, but my butt hurt, so I stopped for a bit. I hadn't stopped in probably over an hour. I took off shortly after, and on a small decline wondered why the hell my brake levers were coming all the way to the bar.

EEK!! Good thing it was easy enough to stop; not long after there was a pretty big high speed descent.

First view of Elsinore once out on the other side on S. Main Divide.

Some more rolling hills anyone?

Main Divide and Santiago Peak are in the background somewhere there...

Justin followed me down 74 to ensure I didn't get run over. Phew. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but there wasn't really much traffic. I managed to descend it with my HR bumping 230! Wow. 230 never felt so easy. Major wind, and whatever other kind of interference is out there...

He headed home while I was on my way back. I tried to hit some more time, but fell pretty short. I considered trying to get some "junk" miles in after the ride, but I was sore pretty much everwhere, out of water, and hungry for real food. It was a really solid ride, though.

Recovery food number one... (don't worry, the cup is gonna be retired in about 15 minutes)

Kashi Go-Lean Crunch (Honey Almond Flax) is sooo good. I'm addicted.

Recovery food #3... homemade (by Justin) Multi-grain blueberry pancake with oatmeal

I think despite almost 7 hours of riding this weekend I'm gaining weight! It's not even dinner yet.

Solid weekend overall, but I am sorta bummed about coming up short on time. Just hoping that I'm not going to wind up sick in the morning! About to partake of a Coldeaze right now.

Happy Sunday.

Oh yeah, and it's ON for 2/1. I like football, but I can miss the first quarter of that one. Meh.


Jman said...

Great Blog you've got here. To be honest it keeps me pushing. That sounds like a great ride. What was the mileage on it?

Pedal Circles said...

Just over 55 miles. 4500ft of climbing or so. Not sure I'll descend 74 again without a chase car ;)

Jman said...

I can't believe you did it at all chase car or not! That's I'm sure but crazy. :-)