Thursday, March 19, 2009

Call to Arms?


...and gentlemen.

I have a general question, and it isn't aimed at anyone, I'm honestly just curious. Why don't people pre-register for races? I know *some* people do, but a lot of people don't. Especially mountain bikers. Luke today said it was because of money. So, I guess if you are on the fence about a race and you don't have a lot of money you are saving it to see if you actually want to race? What if you *know* you are doing a race? Does it save money to register on site?

Maybe it saves money. I don't think it does, unless there are online registration fees, and no late fee for registering at the site.

Is it so you aren't "marked"? I know I did a race report last fall where half the people in my category didn't get their legs marked or pre-register. I doubt it was related to money! So, what is the reasoning here?

I do understand timing issues, money issues, etc., but a lot of people seem to not pre-register for other reasons that I don't understand. So, if you are one of those people that waits and registers on site... what's your real reasoning??

If you're going to race either way, sign up ahead of time! I'm guessing it saves some time and effort on the part of the race promoter, staff, and volunteers. That's a lot of info to type in on race day, especially at the larger events.

Guess it is a good thing the field isn't limited like at Downieville, huh?

Anyway, if you're on the fence about the first installment of the US Cup Pro XC Tour at Fontana next weekend (March 28-29) - sign up now! It's going to be bigger than Bonelli, and a lot of fun. Donny at SRC runs some great races, and with Sho-Air doing the series and promotion this year, it should go off with a bang!

Check out the series info to register!

Ladies in particular! Let's show our support for racing and get out there.


Jayson said...

I much prefer to pre-register. I helped run a small 5k before and it is much easier when people pre-register.

And from a personal perspective, if I have registered, then I have no choice but to race. It helps me train better.

GRIESE.J said...

As a less than regular racer,and now planning to do a good amount of 12 hour races I have sent the series regist in abd will send pre reg for most of my (A) races , but I think people fail to pre reg simply because by the time they do decide to commit it is close to race day and one might be fearfull of the preregistration not going through in time. I'll do short races this year but won't pre reg , because they will not be priority and I might skip at last minute.

Luke said...

i think in the world of XC racing the plug can be pulled last fight another day per say. i know i don't pre-reg with "smaller" races for that fact case i'm not feeling good the day before, something else comes up...i guess it's just a priority thing with me. heck...i was signed up a whole year before ironman!

Zippy said...

For the element of surprise! :D

Pedal Circles said...

I think Eric's probably the closest ;)

I dunno; if you do online reg it closes before it is too late, but I get your point with mail in!

Ah well; maybe it's more related to just personality in general? Sometimes people like to be overly prepared and some people go with the flow!

Justin said...

I think it is about secrecy as well. It doesn't make much sense to me, but when was the last time that I signed myself up for a race? :)

Pedal Circles said...

*I* sign you up for all the races!

Slater Fletcher said...

I am just the opposite... ;-)

I cannot tell you how many races I have signed up for (to motivate, not sell out, etc) and never made it to the starting line b/c plans change,etc. Lost $$$$....

I reg'd for Julian and probably will not race it...Just signed up for an Ironman 14months aways yesterday ;-)

Maybe I should start signing up the day of???

Pedal Circles said...

Slater - haha! Yeah, you might want to hold off on registrations!! :)

I don't think I've ever registered and not raced. But, I don't race even a quarter of what you do!