Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dinner and the lunch ride

Justin made some really good pizza for us the other night. All ingredients from Trader Joe's!

Whole wheat dough
Lite mozzarella
Marinara sauce
Steamed lentils
Canned chicken
Bell peppers
Red onion
Pressed garlic



It was so good we ate the entire pizza!

Got a few pics from the intervals today (before and after).

We even saw a familiar face!


Luke said...

awesome we saw you sporting the kit with a truck loaded full of wine!! check out that white ass hand of mine...geez my cycling tan is bad!!

Pedal Circles said...

I was noticing mine was getting bad also!

Not as bad as the arms/legs, though.

Vu said...

you should have posted various stages of the pizza slowly disappearing till all you have left was the aluminum background. lol

Bike riding is cool, but doing intervals suck, lol

Justin said...


It went pretty quickly. We each took about 1/4 of it, then went back and took the other 1/4.

Hey Allison, your legs are looking pretty ripped! No wonder you put the hurt on me all the damn time!